Product overview

Over the years, CST has developed a versatile range of electro-optical platforms for a wide variety of applications, based on field-proven technologies.


Short- to long-range surveillance with CST high-end zoom camera systems

If you want high image quality and CCTV cameras with long lifetime that can recognize a human up to 7.5 km, a Spectrel camera is for you. Spectrel long-range cameras are designed for use in extreme environmental conditions securing optimal image quality and long lifetime. Operational in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

Designed for use in applications like homeland security, critical infrastructure protection (CIP) and similar long-range surveillance applications.


Protect crew and material by having a 360° field-of-view around the vehicle

Local Situational Awareness cameras, specifically developed for use on armoured vehicles, as driver's vision enhancer (DVE) and for obtaining an all round view for the commander and troops.


Open Frame Camera solutions are made for easy integration in your own EO-system.

CST is pleased to introduce our Open Frame Camera solutions with integrated sensor, optics and camera controller, for our customers to easily integrate in their own EO-system. The Open Frame Cameras are working within the visible band, for operation during day and down to half moonlight conditions.


Do you have special requirements for a camera solution?

CST also offers customized and OEM solutions based on the above product and technology platforms. Contact us with your specific needs and requirements.