CST’s surveillance systems combine daylight and thermal cameras to deliver full visibility day and night.

With digital picture stabilization, heat haze reduction and Advanced Contrast Enhancement (ACE)*, CST delivers clear and stable images in all environments.

*ACE: Clear visibility in fog and smoke

Our long-range surveillance cameras are also available as open frame solutions and are designed to make it easy for system integrators to integrate CST high-end cameras in large systems for surveillance, security, defense or other entities.

The open frame cameras entail sensor, optics and camera controller, for our customers to easily integrate in their own EO-system. The open frame cameras are within the visible band, to operate during day and down to half moonlight conditions and are operational at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

Custom & OEM solutions

CST is a company with a long tradition of working closely with its customers, identifying unmet requirements, and creating solutions with sustainable value for the users.

With a strong R&D base at the headquarters in Denmark, CST can provide mechanical, optical, software and hardware customizations while meeting the toughest requirements for military, homeland security, and high-end surveillance applications. Whether it is just a ruggedized high-precision zoom lens, a camera, or a complete system comprising lens, camera and advanced video processing, CST can offer a fast-track design process.

In addition to the customized products, CST offer a range of standard products designed specifically for integration directly into 3rd party equipment. This is in many cases a cost-effective alternative to customized products.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Together we can create a solution that provides the best price/performance ratio.

Morten Christian Lamber – Global Sales & Marketing Director

For the last 30 years Morten has worked with international executive sales and management within the defence and telecommunications industry. Since 2019 he has worked at Copenhagen Sensor Technology as Global Sales & Marketing Director.

Morten's field of expertise is international sales, business, and market development. In addition he has solid experience with project management, production, and system engineering.

He has a degree in Electronical Engineering from Copenhagen University and has been in the Royal Danish Armed Forces.

Please contact Morten:

Email: mcl@copst.com

Phone: +45 44 92 18 55