IR Illuminator

IR-Illuminator for fixed and vehicle installations

  • IR light invisible for the human eye
  • Flexible mounting
  • 3D Diffuser technology (Black Diamond)
  • Flexible FOV
  • Low power consumption
  • Military grade product
  • Wide temperature range, -40°C to +70°C
  • Adaption to different sensor suites


The CST IR-Illuminator is designed for harsh military and civil environments, demanding a ruggedized construction with high precision. The CST IR-Illuminator is designed for meeting harsh environmental conditions on military tracked and wheeled vehicles as driving aid.


High Power LED
2nd generation High Power Dual Junction Infrared LED emitter generates 21W radiant flux nominal output at 48W power dissipation for emitters. Provides exceptional radiant flux density equals to 43.7% The patent-pending design has unparalleled thermal and optical performance. The high-quality materials used in the Infrared LED emitter are chosen to optimize optical performance and minimize stresses which results in monumental reliability and flux maintenance. The robust product design thrives in outdoor applications with high ambient temperatures and high humidity.

LED driver system
The LEDs are arranged in Multi-Channel Matrix configuration. This gives a large range in input voltage and provides continues IR light if the failure of any one of the four LED strings.

Flexible FOV
The CST IR-Illuminator offers flexible FOV adjusted at the manufacturing state. This gives the flexibility to use the same Illuminator for different FOV matching the FOV of the camera. 4 separate IR lens clusters’ technology provide AI adaptive lens ready. (Future feature) for 2 axis beam control.