Coastal Surveillance

Coastal Surveillance

Copenhagen Sensor Technology (CST) is your professional provider of state-of-the-art coastal surveillance cameras and applications. Our solutions for effective coastal surveillance will improve your security situation instantly.Offering a hardware and software specially designed for the many different tasks and conditions of coastal surveillance CST helps you protect what needs to be protected. Let us improve your vision.
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Brder and coastal surveillance – anywhere and everywhere

Flawless border and coastal surveillance in extreme and demanding environments, quality solutions from CST serves you perfectly for many years. Extreme low or extreme high temperatures have no effect on our camera solutions. Designed to work in a wide temperature range our ruggedized, high-precision ready-to-use cameras will function as effective border and coastal surveillance anywhere and everywhere.CST – your professional coastal border surveillance provider – has all types of cameras you need in effective coastal surveillance.  No matter what environmental conditions the cameras are exposed to, your coastal surveillance cameras are intact.

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Naval and coastal surveillance with CST

Electro-optical cameras from CST are ruggedized and hermetically sealed to be operational under the humid and tough maritime missions performed by naval vessels or patrol vessels. Naval and Coastal surveillance from a vessel can help to protect the crew and assets by providing live pictures of threatening surroundings.In our huge line of quality border surveillance equipment you will find a wide variety of long-range cameras to match your need for identification range. The Spectrel PTZI-1000 is an integrated, ruggedized, MIL-grade, ready-to-use, high-precision pan/tilt/zoom camera unit with built-in laser illuminator.The camera and laser unit are bore-sighted, ensuring optimal scene illumination regardless of distance to the object, making it ideal for day/night coastal surveillance for border protection, camp perimeter protection, homeland security, and critical infrastructure protection (CIP) applications.