Naval & Maritime

Naval & Maritime

Ruggedized Electro-Optical Cameras for Naval and Maritime Applications
Harbour protection | Coastal surveillance | Situational observation
For harbour perimeter protection there is a need to prevent unlawful activities with long-range cameras to identify if approaching vessels or humans are friend or foe. CST cameras can recognize a human up to a distance of 8 km, making it ideal for naval and harbour protection applications and put the operator in a position to act before a potential threat or incident occurs.For harbour perimeter protection, coastal surveillance and border protection CST offers an integrated Pan & Tilt solution with long-range camera and laser illuminator. With the invisible laser beam the camera will provide detail-rich video and images even during night time.
This is very important for applications where identification is required.
Coastal surveillance based on CST electro-optical solutions normally consists of a number of units to cover the area of interest. They are often located in remote areas near coastal lines which require ruggedized equipment with low maintenance costs. The Pan & Tilt provides full surveillance coverage along the coast line when placed in strategic positions and with optimal distance between them.

Local situational observation on deck, along the ship’s hull or inside the engine room are applications where ruggedized cameras are needed. CST has local situational awareness cameras to endure extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C, high vibration levels and is hermetically sealed to prevent damage from salt water and humidity.

Naval surveillance | Naval remote weapon stations
Naval surveillance to prevent unlawful activities such as piracy, human trafficking and smuggling is a rising challenge for many nations. The surveillance systems used at sea and along coastlines demand highly ruggedized equipment to withstand the harsh maritime environment. CST electro-optical cameras are ruggedized and hermetically sealed to be operational under high humidity and for tough maritime missions performed by naval or patrol vessels.

Commercial vessels also have an increased focus on the threat of pirates. By recognizing whether a boat is a threat at far distance, the vessel can call for assistance and perform preventive actions to avoid attack from pirates and save assets and lives.

The CST integrated zoom cameras for naval remote weapon stations are the perfect choice for customers demanding the highest performing electro-optic weapon targeting and guidance sub-system, capable of operating under extreme conditions of temperature, shock and vibration. The camera systems are bore-sighted to achieve a high precision to ensure you stay on target when zooming in or out.