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Customized Solutions
CST has a long tradition of working closely with its customers, identifying unmet needs and creating solutions with sustainable value for the users. With a strong R&D base in Denmark CST is able to provide mechanical, optical, software and hardware customizations while meeting the toughest requirements set by the customer. Contact us to learn more about the different options.
September 9, 2020

Copenhagen Sensor Technology signs Global Framework Agreement with Thales

Thales in the Netherlands specializes in the design and production of advanced sensors, and command and control systems for defense and security applications, in particular in the naval domain. Thales has a range of systems for which electro-optical sensor solutions are needed. In recent years, Copenhagen Sensor Technology (CST) was selected to develop and produce electro-optical sensors for two specific Thales systems. Based on the successful outcome of these development projects, CST has now been selected to sign a global framework agreement with Thales for the supply of electro-optical sensor solutions. CST has extensive expertise and a proven track record within visible band camera systems as well as the integration of sensors to a complete suite or package. Key focus is image processing resources along with speed of information flow through fiber optical transmission. CST is a leader in ruggedized electro-optical solutions with a deep know-how in the whole process from design, development, manufacturing and maintenance of electro-optical solutions – and that is why, we often are the preferred partner, when considering new electro-optical solutions. Gerben Edelijn, CEO of Thales in the Netherlands, says: “With the impressive development effort to deliver new electro-optical sensors for our Goalkeeper and Mirador systems, CST has demonstrated great expertise in the design and development of electro-optical sensors. We are looking forward to leveraging this expertise in our product portfolio.   Carsten Høiberg, CEO of Copenhagen Sensor Technology A/S, says: “It is with great pleasure that CST is now able to sign a global framework agreement with Thales for the supply of electro-optical sensor systems. It is the fruit of the successful cooperation we have had with Thales for the Goalkeeper close-in weapon system and most recently the Mirador fire control system”.       For more information: Carsten Høiberg, CEO, Copenhagen Sensor Technology A/S Tel: +45 51 21 83 36 Email: Frank van de Wiel Communications Manager, Thales Global Above Water Systems Tel: +31 6 3911 3344 Email:
March 25, 2020


First and foremost, we want to send our best wishes for your health and safety and that of your fellow employees and families, during this difficult time.

In regards to the COVID-19 crisis, we have defined several measurements in order to protect the health and safety of our employees as well as secure our production, supply chain and services for customers in order to maintain the continuity of our deliveries and services. We are committed to full compliance with any government-imposed restrictions on travel, meetings and events. Additionally, we have set the following rules at CST:  
  • All non-production related staff has been asked to work from home. Thanks to communication technology all our staff is connected via different channels and has access to our systems from home via laptops and other devices.
  • Video and Tele conferencing is replacing all direct meetings and travels.
  • All production related staff is on site to secure the complete production. All on-site staff is briefed on the strict hygiene rules.
  • We have disinfectant dispensers in the production rooms and asked our staff to keep distance from each other according to the statutory requirements, and to strictly stay at home if not feeling well.
  • All our departments are operational.
  • Our production staff are continuing to manufacture product as scheduled.
  • We are in particularly close contact with our critical suppliers, especially monitoring the ones located in the affected areas. In addition, we evaluate activities together with them to minimize the risk of disruption.
  • Our sales support team, together with our planning department are happy to provide estimated shipping dates in case of questions about an urgent order.
  • Our technical support teams remain available as usual.
  • In case of any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

With these general measures in place, we will ensure that risks from this health crisis are minimized. The circumstances regarding COVID-19 are very fluid, therefore we will continue to monitor guidance from the health authorities. We will inform you if any changes happen.

We hope you remain safe and in good health!

Best regards, Copenhagen Sensor Technology



Copenhagen Sensor Technology (CST) applies safety to your combat, defense or security task. Strategically mounted situational awareness cameras saves civilian lives and increases security for the crew.

Learn all about CITADEL situational awareness cameras from CST and the driver’s vision enhancer (DVE) solution.

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We design, develop and manufacture electro-optical camera solutions for protection and information gathering.
Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art cameras that are operational in demanding environments where the quality of the camera can mean the difference between life and death.

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Hit the right target every time with precise bore-sight retention cameras for naval and maritime firecontrol systems.
Open Frame Camera solutions are made for easy integration in your own EO-system.
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Protection is our mission

Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art cameras that are operational in demanding environments
where the quality of the camera can mean the difference between life and death.