Perimeter Security Cameras

Perimeter security cameras

Increase your security using perimeter security cameras from Copenhagen Sensor Technology. Our perimeter security cameras are based on field proven technology.

Here on our website you can read all about the variety and excellence of our perimeter security cameras and other mission-critical applications and hardware.

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Perimeter security cameras for all security and surveillance purposes

CST is a professional provider of perimeter security cameras for all security, defense and surveillance purposes.  Learn more about professional perimeter security cameras from CST.  We are ready to provide you with a complete camera solution based on field proven technology.

Ruggedized and cost-optimized perimeter security cameras

Our core business and competency lies in providing seamless integration of camera, zoom-lens and controlling hardware/software design elements to an innovative, ruggedized and cost-optimized entity for mission-critical applications. In that category you will find our popular perimeter security cameras.

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Always professional solutions and professional perimeter security cameras

Instead of spending hundreds of engineering man-hours on developing their own designs, an increasing number of system integrators and defense principals turn to CST for a complete security solution containing perimeter security cameras. Our solutions are based on field proven technology and save critical time and costs in the realization of complete video based systems.

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Learn more about perimeter security cameras, long-range surveillance and infrastructure protection from CST

CST has a successful history as the market leader in the area of perimeter security cameras for demanding ruggedized solutions.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or interest in our perimeter security cameras. We are ready to serve you on our phone +45 44 92 18 55 and e-mail