CST establishes distribution in South Korea

CST establishes distribution agreement with the South Korean company Infosyscom, Inc. Infosyscom is specialized in complex high-end surveillance systems, targeting applications such as critical infrastructure protection (CIP) and border/coastal surveillance, with software for object detection, identification and tracking. This distgribution agreement gives CST a reach beyond its traditional geographical markets, and expands the business base for the Spectrel and LunaVision product ranges.


CST launches light-weight observation/gun camera

CST has added a new standard product to the Magnel family. The MGC-336 is a universal, ligth-weight observation camera that can be attached directly to the barrel of a tank/armoured vehicle gun. The horizontal field-of-view (H-FOV) can be factory configured to accomodate the most common requirements within a range 5.6° (tele) to 52° (wide).

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New ruggedized SWIR Zoom Camera from CST

SWIR –”Shortwave Infrared” technology is used to increase visibility by enabling you to see through fog, haze and smoke and can be used in conjunction with an illuminator laser (1,5 µm) that is invisible to the human eye.  CST’s SWIR Zoom Camera is easy to integrate and is designed especially for demanding environments, making it a perfect choice for military, surveillance and security applications.


Long-Range cameras for demanding environments [Long-range Spectrel solution for border protection]

CST’s camera series of Long-Range ruggedized cameras named Spectrel are designed for demanding mid- and long-range surveillance applications, such as day and night coastal surveillance, camp perimeter protection, asset protection and safe-guarding sensitive infrastructure installations.

The camera system is an integrated unit comprising a ruggedized high-performance zoom lens, high-sensitivity CCD camera and control hardware for operating in the visible spectra. A special Extended Night Mode allows imaging under low-light conditions.

Spectrel will stay on target when zooming in on an object of interest – commonly referred to as bore-sight retention, where Spectrel has a bore-sight retention within 0,2 mrad (= 20 cm precision at 1 km distance). The Spectrel cameras also enable you to recognize a human at 8 km, with more features such as fog/haze penetration, “Autofocus-on-Demand” and graphical overlay. Additionally the cameras also endure temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C, and have a protective sealed housing to stand high moisture and extremely high shock and vibration to secure high reliability.