Homeland Security

CST ruggedized electro-optical cameras for long-range
surveillance and critical infrastructure protection

CST has a successful history as the market leader in the area of electro-optical CCTV cameras for demanding ruggedized solutions targeted for local situational awareness applications and remote weapon stations in particular. CST will continue to focus on providing the critical components which make system providers’ projects and solutions a success for their customers.

CST now offers electro-optical cameras for a broader range of applications through co-operations with system suppliers targeting Border Protection, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Perimeter Protection and Offshore applications such as Wind Turbine Surveillance.

With the emergence of this broader market, based on the advanced CST electro-optical cameras, CST can make your solutions an even greater success with your customers by providing proven solutions which meet the demand for ruggedized solutions.
The threat of hostile intrusion is present for many nations and critical to monitor. This is for instance the case for governments seeking to follow activities along their national borders. The same need for high security and safety goes for protection of critical national infrastructure such as oil, power, dams, bridges and water supplies.