Driver’s Vision Enhancer

Drivers Vision Enhacement system - CST

Copenhagen Sensor Technology (CST) is your professional provider of CITADEL situational awareness cameras for driver’s vision enhancement systems.

By mounting ruggedized and field proven cameras on armoured vehicles as part of the driver’s vision enhancement system (DVE), you increase the drivers viewing capabilities in combat and security situations.

View our Panoramic camera for DVE system

Driver’s vision enhancement during degraded visual conditions

When the driver and the troops are well protected in a closed and sealed armoured vehicle during operations, a vision of the near surroundings is limited. When you add darkness, smoke, sand, dust or fog to the situation, the visual conditions play a huge role in safety and security for the troops.

A professional driver’s vision enhancement system ensures a combative fighting unit under any conditions.

A 360° view from driver’s vision enhancement systems

By mounting an array of cameras on the chassis of armoured personnel carriers, tanks or other tracked/wheeled vehicles, an unobstructed view over the near surroundings of the vehicle can be maintained with the hatches closed, providing improved safety for the entire vehicle crew and material.

The CITADEL series of situational awareness cameras can be used in a driver's vision enhancement (DVE) solution and for obtaining a 360° view for the commander and troops. Such a solution with sensors, constitutes the first line of a well-designed Survivability Concept.

CITADEL cameras in driver’s vision enhancement systems

The CST situational awareness cameras for driver’s enhancement systems are available in two basic configurations:

  • Citadel Panoramic camera system (dual camera unit), providing a full 170° Field-of-View. Built-in graphics overlay for distance markers - Ideal for stand-alone use.

  • Citadel Compact and Versatile: Single camera units, factory configured for Field-of View from 47° up to 95° - For use with on-vehicle video processing unit.

Other configurations can be provided as custom designs. Contact CST with your requirements here.

All CITADEL cameras are designed to deliver high-performance images to ensure the driver’s vision enhancement, even under the harshest shock and vibration conditions of metal tracked or wheeled vehicles, and in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

Specifications on CITADEL cameras for driver’s vision enhancement

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