Remote Weapon Station | Visual Imaging Sights

A part of the Spectrel series of integrated zoom camera for Remote Weapon Stations is the perfect choice for customers demanding the highest performing electro-optic weapon targeting/guidance sub-systems, capable of operating under extreme conditions of temperature, shock and vibration.

The product all comply with MIL-Std 810F and can therefore be installed on both tracked and wheeled vehicles.

The camera system is bore-sighted to achieve a precision of 0.2 mrad boresight retention @NFOV and the full temperature from -40°C to +70°C, which is important for ordnance guidance.
The specific system has a start-up time of 5 seconds, and can therefore provide images immediately upon power-up. The camera is designed for low-power operation, and does not require a heater even for low temperature operation. 

The following cameras are designed specifically to endure shock and vibration from an RWS:
Spectrel 12120/336
Spectrel 13165/336
Spectrel 12200/336
Spectrel alignment Camera
And our two Naval editions named Spectrel Naval 13165/336W and Spectrel Naval 12200/336W